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Alaska Baja Company (Alaska Baja) is a live seafood wholesale & export company based in Seattle and Los Angeles. Our sister company, Comercializadora De Recursos Marinos, is based in Mexico Baja California, which is solely responsible for supplying Mexican live seafood products to Alaska Baja. We’re one of the few companies who have earned water certificate and farming license in the regions of Baja California Mexico to be able to bring live seafood products to the U.S. and other international markets.


In 2008, Comercializadora De Recursos Marinos company was found in California Baja, Mexico . For over 10 years, with our vision of becoming a leading seafood export company, we cautiously and diligently put our efforts into acquiring legal permits and licenses from Mexico government. In 2011, we have acquired the farming permit at the Baja region. In March 2014, we have acquired the water certificate at the Baja region of Mexico and Alaska Baja’s venture has finally begun.

Premium Pacific Geoduck

Pacific Geoduck

Scientific Name: Panopea Generosa

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    Geoduck aquaculture or geoduck farming is the practice of cultivating geoducks for human consumption. Juvenile geoducks are planted or seeded on the ocean floor or substrate within the soft intertidal and subtidal zones, then harvested five to seven years later when they have reached marketable size (about 1 kg or 2.2 lbs). We have funded our scientists to raise the juvenile geoduck seeds in lab setting for years and finally we have succeeded raising the geoduck seeds. Juvenile seeds are then planted back into Pacific Ocean near Magdalina Bay, Baja California and closely monitored and raised in natural and wild setting.

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